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Snow swallow with peach gum and snow lotus seeds

Snow swallow with peach gum and snow lotus seeds

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Comes in 3 separate packs

Each pack contains peach gum, snow swallow, and snow lotus seeds

Peach Gum & Snow Bird’s Nest & Snow Lotus Seed “Public Bird’s Nest”

Peach gum is a solid resin secreted from the bark of peach trees. It is about the same size as longan and is translucent and amber brown. The color depth is normally affected by natural growth and has no direct relationship with nutritional value.

The protein in peach gum is a plant protein and cannot directly supplement the human body's collagen. However, you can absorb enough protein through eating peach gum, and combined with vitamin C in other foods, it can promote the synthesis of collagen in the body; and peach gum is very high in fiber. , helps defecation, and indirectly can achieve detoxification and beauty effects.
In addition, it is rich in soluble fiber (water-soluble fiber), which expands to a gel shape after absorbing water, helping to increase satiety.

Since peach gum itself is tasteless, many people like to add sweet red dates, wolfberry and rock sugar to make sugar water. Moreover, the ingredients for sugar water are very simple. You only need to soak peach gum and other materials in advance. It not only provides gum, but also Feeling full.

Although peach gum is affordable and delicious when made into sugar water, peach gum is high in fiber and protein, so friends, the elderly, and children with weak digestive abilities should not overeat, otherwise it may easily cause stomach discomfort.
People with kidney disease are not likely to eat too much peach intestines, because eating too much protein will put a burden on the kidneys.

Snow gum is a natural resin. The protein in snow gum is plant-based protein and high in fiber, which helps detoxify and moisturize the intestines.

Snow swallow glue itself has no taste. Most of the ingredients are added with fresh milk, rock sugar or white fungus to make sugar water.

Before cooking, soak the snow swallow glue in water until soft and swollen. Remove the black impurities on the surface before use.

Snow lotus seeds are also called saponin rice, saponin kernels, and saponin essence. They are rich in protein, algae, and amino acids, and can moisturize and nourish the skin.

In addition, snow lotus lactone and snow lotus polysaccharide can effectively prevent skin from being invaded by ultraviolet rays and prevent pigmentation.

Snow lotus seeds themselves have no taste. Most of them are added with raw meat, snow fungus and other ingredients to make sugar water.

Before cooking, soak the snow lotus seeds in water until soft and swollen, then you can use them.

It is not recommended for people with weak constitution, pregnant women, and women during menstruation.

Quantity 1 = 3 small packages

Quantity 2 = 6 small packages

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