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Selected Peach Gum (250g)

Selected Peach Gum (250g)

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Peach Gum "Civilian Bird's Nest"
Peach gum is a solid resin secreted from the bark of peach trees. It is about the same size as longan and is translucent and amber brown. The depth of color is normally affected by natural growth, and has no direct relationship with nutritional value.

The protein in peach gum is plant-based protein, which cannot directly supplement the collagen in the human body, but you can get enough protein through eating peach gum, combined with vitamin C in other foods, to promote the synthesis of collagen in the body; and peach gum is very high in fiber , helps defecation, and can indirectly achieve the effects of detoxification and beauty.
In addition, it is rich in soluble fiber (water-soluble fiber), which will swell to a jelly shape after absorbing water, helping to increase satiety.

Since peach gum itself is tasteless, not many people like to add sweet red dates, wolfberries and rock sugar to make syrup, and the ingredients for syrup are very simple, just pre-soak peach gum and other ingredients, not only can provide gelatin, but also Feel full.

Suggested Recipe - Peach Gum Tremella, Red Dates and Goji Fruits in Syrup Ingredients:
Dried peach gum 50g
Tremella 20g
A few pieces of red dates, about 10 pieces of wolfberries, rock sugar, 1L of water

1️⃣ Soak and clean the impurities of peach gum for later use
2️⃣Soak snow fungus, remove hard stalks, cut into pieces, red dates also need to be soaked slightly, remove pits
3️⃣Boil water to boil, add peach gum, white fungus, red dates, bring to a boil, turn to medium-low heat and simmer for half an hour
4️⃣ Add the cleaned wolfberries and rock sugar, cook for 10 minutes until the rock sugar completely melts

Although the price of peach gum is close to the people, and it is delicious when boiled in sugar water, peach gum is high in fiber and protein, so friends with weak digestion ability, the elderly, children, etc. should not eat too much, otherwise it will easily cause stomach discomfort.
People with kidney disease are not easy to eat too much peach sausage, because too much protein intake will burden the kidneys. It is not recommended for people with weak constitution, pregnant women and women during menstruation.

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