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Sea Coconut Candied Dates and Lotus Seed Soup

Sea Coconut Candied Dates and Lotus Seed Soup

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Every Includes sea coconut, candied dates, lotus seeds, wolfberry seeds, and red dates

Serves 2-3 people


Rinse the material and soak it for 30 minutes

Add all ingredients with water Ingredients and appropriate amount of pork/ribs/chicken

Simmer for 2 hours

Can be added appropriate amount of salt to taste


  1. Moisturizes the lungs and clears away heat : Sea palm, honey, date and lotus seed soup is believed to have the effect of moistening the lungs and clearing away heat. Sea coconut is rich in water, which helps moisturize the lungs and soothe dry coughs, sore throats and other discomforts. Candied dates are regarded as nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, which can help relieve heat in the body and provide a cooling sensation.

  2. Nourish the stomach and protect the spleen : Lotus seeds are a common ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine and are believed to help nourish the stomach, protect the spleen and aid digestion. This is especially beneficial for those prone to bloating and indigestion.

  3. Nutritious : This soup combines a variety of ingredients to provide rich vitamins, minerals and fiber. Sea coconut is rich in calcium, magnesium and other minerals, while lotus seeds contain vitamin B, protein and dietary fiber, which can supplement the nutrients needed by the body.

  4. Nourishing yin and replenishing deficiency : Sea palm, honey, date and lotus seed soup is considered to have the effect of nourishing yin and replenishing deficiency, which is helpful for people with constitutions such as deficient heat and dryness. This soup helps balance the yin and yang in the body and promotes a healthy balance in the body.

  5. Beauty and health care : Lotus seeds are widely considered to be beneficial to beauty and health care. They have heat-clearing and detoxifying properties, which can help improve skin condition and keep the skin healthy and shiny.

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