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Poria cocos yam barley soup

Poria cocos yam barley soup

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Every Included Lily, almond, Polygonatum odorifera, wolfberry, lotus seed, yam, barley, job's tears, red dates

Serves 2-3 people


Huaishan replenishes qi, nourishes yin, tonifies the spleen, Poria cocos exudes dampness, strengthens the spleen, calms the nerves, and strengthens the spleen. Expelling dampness, removing paralysis, clearing away heat



Rinse the material and soak it for 30 minutes

Add all ingredients with water Ingredients and appropriate amount of pork/ribs/chicken

Simmer for 2 hours

Can be added appropriate amount of salt to taste


Not recommended for pregnant women.



  1. Strengthens the spleen and stomach : The combination of Poria cocos and yam is believed to strengthen the spleen and stomach. In traditional Chinese medicine theory, a strong spleen and stomach are essential for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.

  2. Dehumidifying : Barley is believed to have dehumidifying properties. In traditional Chinese medicine, dampness is associated with symptoms such as bloating, edema, and a feeling of heaviness. This soup is often recommended to relieve these discomforts.

  3. Diuretic Effect : Barley is also believed to have diuretic effects, helping to eliminate excess fluid from the body. This is especially helpful for people prone to edema.

  4. Tonic : Huaishan is known for its potential to nourish qi and blood. By supporting Qi and blood levels in the body, it may help improve overall vitality and combat fatigue.

  5. Spleen and Kidney Support : Poria cocos is often associated with supporting spleen and kidney function. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, healthy spleen and kidney function is considered essential to maintaining overall health and vitality.

  6. Balancing Yin and Yang : Traditional Chinese Medicine places great emphasis on the balance of Yin and Yang in the body. Some of the ingredients in this soup are thought to harmonize these opposing forces and contribute to overall balance.

  7. Nutritious : The ingredients in this soup, including barley, yam and poria, provide a range of nutrients. For example, barley contains protein, dietary fiber and essential amino acids.

  8. Digestive Comfort : Because of its emphasis on strengthening the spleen and stomach, Poria and Huaishan Barley Soup is often used to promote digestive comfort, reduce gas, and support healthy bowel movements.

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