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Featured Fish Maw Tube

Featured Fish Maw Tube

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👩‍👩‍👧‍👦Suitable for family use

The therapeutic value is high, the colloid is rich, nourishing but not dry.
The collagen, bone collagen and mucopolysaccharide components of fish maw are all important components of human tissue, and are easily absorbed by the body, which can prevent skin aging and replenish skin elasticity.

⭐️Prevent bone degeneration
⭐️Promote metabolism
⭐️Replenishing the kidney and nourishing the essence
⭐️Nourishing yin and beauty
⭐️Anti -aging

Suitable for everyone, it is helpful for postpartum conditioning and wound healing

Save method 🔖 :
Put it in a fresh-keeping bag / fresh-keeping box and a dry and cool place
Store in the freezer after soaking

Quantity 1 = One catty (about 30 pieces)

Quantity 2 = two catties

And so on

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