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Sun-dried Red Shrimp (150g)

Sun-dried Red Shrimp (150g)

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effect :

sweet taste

Commonly used in soup and cooking ingredients

Suggested Recipe - Shrimp, Yuan Scallop and Winter Melon Soup


Winter melon 250g

Shrimp 20g

Yuan shellfish 20 grams

appropriate amount of onion and ginger


1️⃣ Wash the winter melon and cut into pieces

2️⃣ Soak shrimp and shellfish in water in advance, keep the water after soaking

3️⃣ Finely chop the ginger and sauté in a frying pan

4️⃣ Add wax gourd and fry for about a minute, add the water for soaking scallops and shrimps, add a little more water as needed until half of the winter melon is covered, cover the pot and simmer on high heat until the water is half dry

5️⃣ Pour in scallops and shrimp
Carefully turn over to prevent the scallops from falling apart and destroying the shape
6️⃣ Cover the pot and continue to simmer until the water is basically dry
If you want to look good, you can sprinkle a little green onion~

Quantity 1 = 150g (four taels)

Quantity 2 = 300g (eight taels)

And so on

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