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Ching bo leung

Ching bo leung

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Every Packed with poria, yam, barley, tangerine peel, candied dates, white lentils, adzuki beans, and poached beans

Serves 2-3 people


Rinse the material and soak it for 30 minutes

Add all ingredients with water Ingredients and appropriate amount of pork/ribs/chicken

Simmer for 2 hours

Can be added appropriate amount of salt to taste

Not recommended for pregnant women.


  1. Poria cocos: has diuretic, detumescence, and soothing effects, helps eliminate excess water and toxins, and has a positive impact on kidney and heart function.

  2. Huaishan: Considered a nourishing and yang-enhancing herb, it helps enhance spleen and stomach function, improve digestion and absorption, while also providing long-lasting energy.

  3. Barley: Used to eliminate moisture, have diuretic and swelling effects, help relieve spleen and stomach discomfort, and improve digestive problems.

  4. Tangerine peel: It has the effect of regulating qi and digesting food. It can help relieve discomfort such as gastric bloating and chest tightness, and it can also help increase appetite.

  5. Candied dates: In traditional Chinese medicine, they are considered to have the effect of nourishing qi and blood, relieving fatigue, helping to increase energy and improve physical condition.

  6. White lentils and adzuki beans: These two beans are used in traditional Chinese medicine to eliminate water dampness, promote urine discharge, and are good for kidney function.

  7. Poached beans: Helps clear away heat and detoxify, improve skin problems, and has a certain alleviation effect on thermal diseases.

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