Who is suitable for taking supplements in winter?

Registered Chinese medicine practitioner Chen Yinghui

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that each human body is different, and the decline of yin and yang qi and blood is different in different ways, so it is not advisable to take supplements blindly, but should be targeted at different constitutions. Generally speaking, people with insufficient yang energy or weak qi and blood are suitable for taking supplements in winter.

Who is suitable for taking supplements in winter?

1) What kind of physical signs are called Yang Qi deficiency? For example, those who sneeze non-stop after getting up in the morning, have runny nose, cold hands and feet, sore waist and knees, frequent nocturia, or cold and painful menstruation; or those who usually have lower abdominal pain and prefer warmth and pressure are all signs of insufficient yang energy.

2) Weakness of qi and blood is more common in women. Common symptoms include pale complexion, pale eyelids and lips, fatigue, loss of appetite, dizziness and palpitations; less menstrual flow, watery color, insomnia and dreaminess, forgetfulness, hair loss, and muscle weakness. Weight loss etc.

Both of the above constitutions are suitable for timely supplementation in winter.

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