Benefits of winter supplements

Registered Chinese medicine practitioner Chen Yinghui

In winter, when the weather is cold and freezing, people like to take supplements during this season , because taking supplements in winter has four benefits .

What are the benefits of winter supplements?

1) Winter supplementation is the human body’s own need, because the body ushered in the cold winter after experiencing the wear and tear of spring, summer, and autumn. The human body maintains its health and vitality through supplements, making Qi and blood smooth and body fluids strong. According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, winter is the best season for supplementation. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that winter supplementation can promote the balance of yin and yang, dredge the meridians, and coordinate qi and blood.

2) Winter tonic is a "preventive cure" for diseases. Because of the cold weather in winter, the human body's Yang Qi is depleted to varying degrees. Therefore, before the disease has appeared in the human body, proper supplementation can make the human body resistant in winter and prevent it from being attacked by cold air and causing serious illness. "Nei Jing" says: "Therefore, if the sage does not cure the disease, he will cure it before it is disease. If he does not cure it, it will be disordered. If he cures it, it will not be disordered. This is what we call it."

3) Supplementing in winter can enable the body to accumulate energy for consumption in the coming spring. Because spring is the season when all things grow, before and after the winter solstice, you should choose a more nourishing diet to enhance your resistance and help keep out the cold. Lay the foundation for your body in the coming spring. As the saying goes: "Take nourishment in winter and kill tigers in spring." If you take appropriate supplements in winter, you will be full of energy and energy in the coming spring.

4) Traditional Chinese medicine has a long-standing principle of “treating diseases in summer and treating them in winter”. As the saying goes, "three nines will make up for one winter, and there will be no pain in the coming year." Many allergic diseases, such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, and chronic cough, tend to occur in winter. However, with the arrival of summer, modern people are experiencing unbearable heat and cannot live without air conditioning and cold drinks all day long. As a result, the body's yang energy is insufficient and the cold air is excessive, resulting in weak immunity.

If you can take care of your body in winter, you can not only improve your physical fitness and enhance immunity, but also prevent allergic diseases in summer. This is the meaning of "treating summer diseases in winter".

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