Spleen deficiency and dampness are often not enough energy

Registered Chinese medicine practitioner Chen Yinghui

In addition to obvious fatigue, this type of body often has a feeling of heaviness all over the body, unwilling to move the hands and feet, yawning continuously throughout the day, the head will feel particularly heavy, the body is relatively fat, and the stool is loose and loose. Or there is a feeling of unclean bowel movements.

If you are not sure, you can stick out your tongue in front of the mirror and take a look. The tongue is often fat, has teeth marks on the edges of the tongue, and has thick tongue coating on the tongue. This type can be basically confirmed. It is more common in summer. Because in the summer, the air conditioner is often turned on in the office, and there are more opportunities to drink cold drinks, so it is particularly easy to damage the spleen and stomach. You can also use the following Chinese medicines to soak in water.


Astragalus 10g

Coix seed 10g

Kudzu 10g

Lotus leaf 3g

Patchouli 6g

People with spleen deficiency and excessive dampness are not suitable for eating sweet foods, so it is not recommended to add honey for seasoning.

Astragalus can replenish qi, kudzu root and lotus leaf can improve clearness and reduce turbidity, and patchouli and coix seed can relieve water and reduce dampness.

In addition, I have also observed that some people may not necessarily have obvious kidney deficiency, spleen dampness, or liver stagnation, but they cannot lift their spirits all day long. However, they have a common characteristic, which is that their neck muscles are very tense and they often feel It is difficult to relax your neck and shoulders, so you have to massage these areas yourself to get temporary relief. Headaches and occasional dizziness are actually caused by cervical spondylosis. You can also drink the above-mentioned soup, because the two herbs, kudzu root and coix seed, have a good effect on relaxing the muscles and activating the collaterals and treating the cervical spine.