With kidney damage, you are often not energetic enough

Registered Chinese medicine practitioner Chen Yinghui

Loss of kidney yuan is what we often call kidney deficiency. Logically speaking, young people should be full of energy and have abundant kidney qi. Even in middle age, if the kidney qi is slightly depleted, they will not be so tired, not to mention that office workers all sit in the office. , less physical exertion.

In fact, office workers constantly use their eyes to look at the computer every day, their ears constantly receive information, their brains run at high speed, and they are thinking all the time. These behaviors themselves consume a lot of kidney energy. Because from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the eyes, ears, and brain are all governed by the kidneys and nourished by the vitality in the kidneys. Excessive consumption and overdraft will definitely damage the nephrons over time.

If you usually get tired easily, your eyes become dry and tired after looking at the computer for a while, your ears occasionally squeak, and you cannot remember many important things, please note that you have insufficient nephron. This type is actually the most common. You can try the following Chinese medicines, which can be soaked in water and drunk to help you slowly replenish the lost vitality.


Wolfberry 6g

Chrysanthemum 6g

White ginseng 6g

Ganoderma lucidum 6g

If you are prone to stomach bloating, you can add 6g of tangerine peel. If you feel the taste is not good, you can add a little honey to taste after cooling.

Lycium barbarum and chrysanthemum are commonly used medicinal pairs to nourish the liver, kidneys and improve eyesight. White ginseng is also called raw sun-dried ginseng. It is made by directly drying fresh ginseng. Its overall nutritional value is the same as that of fresh ginseng, and it has the effect of greatly replenishing vitality. , it is neither as warm and dry as red ginseng nor as cool as American ginseng. Its medicinal properties are mild, tonic but not harsh. As a traditional precious medicinal material, Ganoderma lucidum appears as an "immortal grass" in the "Shen Nong's Materia Medica". The "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" even lists Ganoderma lucidum as a top-grade medicine, and medical scientists of all ages regard it as nourishing, strengthening, and strengthening the body. A treasure, it is the first choice for health care.