Refreshing in traditional Chinese medicine - why can't you lift your spirits

Registered Chinese medicine practitioner Chen Yinghui

  I often hear friends around me complaining that they slept well last night, why are they still so tired after waking up in the morning? I yawned shortly after I went to work, and it was difficult to concentrate. I looked at the computer for a while, and my eyes were dry and tired; I was obviously a young man, but I was listless all day long. Fall, what to do?

Refreshing in traditional Chinese medicine - why can't you lift your spirits

There are three types that I usually come into contact with more often:

(1) Kidney loss, aka kidney deficiency

(2) Liver Qi stagnation

(3) Spleen deficiency and heavy dampness

  Drinking coffee and tea is also a common way to refresh oneself. We feel that after drinking coffee and tea, we feel better, but over time, it seems that we need to drink more and more to achieve the refreshing effect. Why? Because coffee and tea itself cannot invigorate qi, the reason why drinking can refresh you is mainly through its aromatic smell, which will directly enter the brain through the nasal orifice, which is called refreshing in traditional Chinese medicine. In addition to refreshing the mind with aroma, coffee has another way, which is to stimulate and mobilize the kidney qi of the human body. Once the kidney qi is mobilized, the spirit will of course be lifted, and the more fragrant the coffee, the better the effect more obvious. I often hear people say: This coffee is very fragrant, so refreshing after drinking it. We drink a small amount every day, of course not a big problem. But if you have insufficient kidney qi, it is not recommended. Because some people with kidney deficiency, after drinking coffee, will experience hand tremors, heart palpitations, seem to be excited, but have difficulty concentrating, and their temper will become irritable and irritable. Because coffee further overdraws the kidney qi, even if this kind of constitution does not have the above-mentioned uncomfortable reactions after drinking coffee, the refreshing effect will not last long, so it is better to drink less. In fact, there are many traditional Chinese medicines that are similar to aromatic refreshing and refreshing Chinese medicines, but doctors usually use them together with other traditional Chinese medicines to invigorate deficiency to ensure that they do not damage the kidney qi.

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