Winter Tonic - Common Physical Problems in Winter

Registered Chinese medicine practitioner Chen Yinghui

  Due to the cold weather in winter, the yin and cold air is relatively strong, and the yang energy is weak. When it comes to winter, people are more likely to feel the cold air (that is, the cold evil in Chinese medicine). The cold evil in Chinese medicine has two characteristics: 1) cold is a yin evil, and it is easy to damage yang; 2) coldness induces stagnation. If the yang energy of the human body is insufficient and cannot withstand resistance, many problems will appear in the body.

Common physical problems in winter

  The weather is getting colder, no matter how warm you dress, the air will inevitably be cold. First of all, it is the yang qi damage of the respiratory system such as the nose and trachea. The nose bears the brunt of the problem, and there are many problems. Among them, nasal allergy is the most common among the people, and about 3 adults suffer from this disease. Sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, poor sense of smell, poor breathing and other symptoms followed one after another. Then there's the trachea. Some people suffer from bronchitis and bronchial asthma every winter. This is because of the characteristics of the cold nature of traditional Chinese medicine, which makes the trachea constrict, so coughing and wheezing are non-stop.

  The characteristics of cold contraction are not only limited to the trachea, but also cause excessive vasoconstriction, resulting in blood stasis in the human body, which cannot function normally and nourish the whole body. Therefore, our hands and feet are colder, our limbs are colder , and we are more prone to frostbite . There are many people like this, especially women. Even wearing thicker winter clothes and gloves and wool socks indoors, I still feel shy. In addition, due to the constriction of human skin blood vessels and the reduction of local blood circulation, the secretion of sebum and sweat is reduced, and the skin becomes dry , desquamated, and prone to itching. The coldness causes stagnation, which also makes our joints miserable . Especially for patients with arthritis, bone hyperplasia, and degenerative diseases, when the weather turns cold, the joints immediately feel tense and painful. Because the blood supply to the joints is less, the limbs are often exposed to the outside, so they are more likely to be attacked by cold air. Stiff and painful.

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