Variety of mushrooms?

In fact, according to the system, winter mushrooms can be divided into flower mushrooms, inch mushrooms, thick mushrooms, etc., with flower mushrooms being the most advanced.
Flower mushrooms are winter mushrooms?
The types of flower mushrooms can be simply divided into: Tianbai flower mushroom: the highest degree of explosion, which is a famous brand among winter mushrooms Flower mushroom: with obvious cracks in flower cracking Tea flower mushroom: less cracks in flower cracking Inch mushroom and flower inch mushroom: inch mushroom The size of the umbrella is less than one inch, and the size of the flower inch mushroom is that the size of the umbrella is less than one inch. There are also thick mushrooms with bursting flowers and thick flower mushrooms: the thick mushroom umbrella is obviously thicker, and the thick flower mushroom is the mushroom umbrella is obviously thicker and has burst flowers. What's so good about flowers? It turns out that when the weather is cold, in order to store more nutrients in the mushrooms, after the frost-dry weather, the surface of the mushrooms becomes "cracked" and forms patterns.
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