The weather is so cold, what's better than drinking a bowl of warm soup, which can improve immunity and improve physical fitness?
Cordyceps Flower Lean Meat Soup is not to be missed!
Cordyceps flower effects:
🌟 Nourishes the lungs, nourishes the kidneys and protects the liver 🌟 Antioxidant 🌟 Anti-aging 🌟 Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory 🌟 Lowers blood pressure 🌟 Improves immunity

Snail head nourishing effects:
🌟 Yin moisturizing 🌟 Nourishing liver and kidneys

Cordyceps flower 38g
Screw head 38g
Huaishan 38g
Bianlianlian 38g
A few candied dates, 1 zucchini, 0.25kg lean meat
a little salt

1️⃣ Soak the snail head in water overnight until soft
2️⃣ Soak cordyceps flowers, yam, ebony and candied dates in water for 1 hour
3️⃣ Cut the zucchini into pieces, wash the lean meat and boil it in water
4️⃣ After boiling water, add all ingredients
5️⃣ After the pot is boiled, continue to simmer over high heat for 15 minutes
6️⃣ Turn down the heat and simmer for an additional hour, add a little salt to taste, and you’re done!

❤️❤️❤️ Wear a mask when going out, wash your hands frequently, and take care of yourself and others. ❤️❤️❤️

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