Waking of Insects

Waking of Insects

The Jingzhe is traditionally used to kill villains to eliminate harm. In fact, during the Jingzhe, the liver-yang energy of the human body gradually rises, and the yin-blood is relatively insufficient, making it easy for liver-fire to become excessive. Therefore, it is especially easy to get angry and dizzy. If you cannot control your emotions well, you are prone to symptoms such as acne, fear of heat and sweating.

Instead of beating the villain, why not stew a bowl of bird's nest with snow pear to moisten your lungs and nourish your yin!

70g bird's nest, 2 pears, appropriate amount of rock sugar

1️⃣ Wash the bird's nest with clean water to remove impurities and soak it for 4 hours
2️⃣ Peel the pear and cut into small pieces
3️⃣ Put the bird's nest and snow pear into a stew pot, add water, and simmer for 3 hours. You can add rock sugar if you like.

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