The weather is already very hot during the time of Ear Grain, and there is some rain, making it very wet. The human body is prone to symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, upset, body heat, drowsiness and anorexia.

It is recommended that everyone eat foods that are easy to digest, mainly light and nutritious. Mung beans, barley, lotus leaves, winter melon, etc. are all helpful in clearing away heat.

If you want to take advantage of the #grain season to replenish your body and strengthen your spleen and qi, you can try #wolfberryginsengtea

Ingredients for wolfberry ginseng tea:
20g wolfberry, 10g American ginseng slices, appropriate amount of sugar

1️⃣ Wash the wolfberry and American ginseng slices
2️⃣ Add all the ingredients and an appropriate amount of boiling water to brew, then soak for a while and add a little sugar to taste, and you’re done!

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