cold dew

cold dew

The first choice for nourishment is sea cucumber. Sea cucumber is rich in protein and nutrients. It is a pure natural health food and can be consumed by everyone.

Sea cucumber’s active ingredients such as mucopolysaccharides, holothurins, sea cucumber saponins, amino acids, and peptides have the effects of improving the body’s immunity, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, anti-tumor, and tonifying the kidneys and strengthening the body.

In addition, many ingredients in sea cucumbers have unique functions in delaying aging of the human body, such as manganese, taurine, etc.

Acidic mucopolysaccharides and chondroitin can significantly reduce the amount of lipofuscin and skin hydroxyproline in heart tissue, and are helpful in repairing the body after injury.

Sea cucumbers are very suitable for post-operative patients, postpartum women, patients with fractures and trauma, those with excessive blood loss, the elderly and the infirm .

Will it be troublesome to cook sea cucumber?

Sea cucumber porridge is so simple!

Sea cucumber porridge


1 sea cucumber

Appropriate amount of shredded ginger

Appropriate amount of green onions

Appropriate amount of salt

1 cup of rice


1️⃣ Wash the rice and set aside, soak the sea cucumbers in advance

2️⃣ Cut the sea cucumber into small pieces and shred the ginger.

3️⃣ Add rice to water and cook over low heat to make porridge

4️⃣ After boiling water, simmer over low heat for 20 minutes

5️⃣ Add chopped sea cucumber and shredded ginger, cook the sea cucumber until cooked

6️⃣ Add chopped green onions and an appropriate amount of salt to enjoy sea cucumber porridge for breakfast to better absorb the nutrients of sea cucumbers!

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