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Apricot Soup

Apricot Soup

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Every Wrapped with almonds ( tree nuts), dried vegetables , figs, Polygonatum odorifera, lily, lotus seeds

Serves 2-3 people


Rinse the material and soak it for 30 minutes

Add all ingredients with water Ingredients and appropriate amount of pork/ribs/chicken

Can be added appropriate amount of salt to taste

Not recommended for those with tree nut sensitivities.


  1. Nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs : One of the main functions of North and South Dried Apricot Decoction is to nourish yin and nourish the lungs. Ingredients such as apricot, fig, and lily help moisturize lung tissue and relieve respiratory problems such as dryness and coughing. This is especially beneficial for people in dry seasons or those who are susceptible to external stimulation.

  2. Strengthens the spleen and stomach : Dried vegetables are another key ingredient in the soup, which has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach. It helps improve digestion and helps the body absorb nutrients better. For people who are prone to gas or gastrointestinal discomfort, this soup can provide relief.

  3. Nourish the blood and soothe the nerves : Polygonatum odoratum and lotus seeds are the ingredients in the soup to nourish the blood and calm the nerves. Polygonatum odoratum is believed to have the effect of nourishing and replenishing blood, which is helpful for people with anemia or fatigue. Lotus seeds have a calming effect and can help relieve stress and anxiety.

  4. Moisturizes dryness and promotes body fluids: Figs are a good helper for moistening dryness and promoting body fluids, helping to relieve discomforts such as dry mouth and tongue. It's also rich in fiber and vitamins, which help promote intestinal health.

  5. Comprehensive nutrition : The ingredients in this soup work together to provide a variety of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. This helps maintain the body's overall health and balance.

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