The minor summer heat has just arrived and the severe summer heat has not yet arrived, and the weather is already very hot.

In addition to eating light meals and drinking plenty of water to replenish moisture, you can also drink ginseng slices and dendrobium baked with water to nourish yin, reduce fire, clear away heat and detoxify.

Dendrobium ginseng slices hot tea:

1️⃣ Wash the dendrobium and ginseng slices

2️⃣ Put the ingredients into frozen water

3️⃣ After the water boils, simmer in medium pot for about 15-20 minutes!

Ginseng is cool in nature, nourishes yin and reduces fire, and has the effect of clearing deficiency fire. Combined with dendrobium, it not only nourishes yin and clears heat, but also relieves deficiency heat and relieves irritability and fatigue. It is suitable for people who often work outdoors, sweat a lot and stay up late at night. If you have a cold constitution, it is not suitable to drink too much~


✨ Add wolfberry and a small amount of rock sugar to add sweetness

✨Pour all ingredients into a thermos flask for easy brewing over and over again

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