"Frost Descent" is the last solar term in autumn among the twenty-four solar terms, which means that the weather is getting colder and frost begins to fall. It lays a good foundation for the body at this time. Agaricus blazei mushroom has the effects of strengthening the brain and kidneys, strengthening the body and replenishing deficiency. It is a good supplement for the weak and sick.

Agaricus blazei can lower cholesterol and blood lipids, lower blood sugar, improve liver function, resist allergic reactions, improve digestion and immune system functions, and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. In addition, the conch slices can nourish yin and kidneys, strengthen the liver and spleen. , can improve immunity.

Agaricus blazei snail soup ingredients:
Agaricus blazei 60g
30g wolfberry
2 candied dates, 100g dried scallops and several conch slices
200g lean meat

1️⃣ Wash the Agaricus blazei blazei mushroom, soak it in water, wait until soft and chop into fine pieces
2️⃣ Soak the dried scallops and conch slices in water
3️⃣ Wash and cut lean meat into pieces
4️⃣ Add all the ingredients to the wolfberry and candied dates and cook over high heat
5️⃣ After boiling, turn to low heat and simmer for 2 hours
6️⃣ Just add an appropriate amount of salt

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